Dear fans, friends, and family,

It seems strange to be writing this letter, but after many months of contemplation and uncertainty regarding my future in Sky Blues, I came to a decision that is not only fair to me, but to Cliff, Jon and Greg as well.

After seven unforgettable years as the lead singer in a great rock band, I realized my passion for the music business was no longer at the intense level necessary to make it my career. Will I miss the good times? Definitely! Nevertheless, throughout life we all face difficult decisions in which we choose a road, and live with it.

I am very proud to have been part of Sky Blues for both the musical accomplishments and the people that I was fortunate to meet. The support that people have given the band is priceless. I sincerely will miss running into everyone out there who made recording and touring worth every second of energy that was put into it.

As for the future, my support will always be with Cliff, Jon, and Greg. Not only are they great friends of mine, but they are amazing musicians. With their relentless desire to play music, it is only a matter of time until the rest of the country will hear them play their hearts out. It was truly a pleasure playing with these guys for so many years.

With this being my last chance to say goodbye, I want to thank everyone again for making the band special. Best of luck to all of Sky Blues' fans, friends, and family in the future. I hope everyone's dreams come true.

Marc Ian Keslow
June 1998

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