Sky Blues, Rock'n'Roll from New York City
Save the Date - May 10, 2003
Sky Blues, Rock'n'Roll from New York City
Sky Blues, Rock'n'Roll from New York City
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Automobile -- 04/20/06 -- 13:46:42
Ooo.! Gut Seite:)

joe <> -- 04/10/06 -- 03:30:12

Check out this AMAZING Rock N Roll band, Zodiac, from Philadelphia, PA. This is a sound/feel/look that has been missing for the longest time now. I have seen them in concert and the energy in the music and showmanship is unbelievable. The word must get out!

iyke jean <> -- 03/13/06 -- 19:59:33

naked girl

katrina <> -- 10/18/05 -- 19:43:22 The best new artist to hit New York

bárbara laila <> -- 09/25/05 -- 11:50:49

admiro você axl!!!estou 5 anos ouvindo suas musicas e não paro são otimas. te adoro de sua admiradora!!!

sanjaya shrestha <> -- 07/07/05 -- 06:36:57

no comments

jay <> -- 05/16/05 -- 10:40:28

new bonnie raitt dvd

joeyfiasco -- 05/02/05 -- 21:12:56

you guys do New York proud...authentic original music from the street..Canada would love you..

rifky <> -- 04/21/05 -- 12:17:02

i love blues.... hey blues music bravo..........

jacob gould <> -- 02/23/05 -- 16:26:06

what are you?

kristi <> -- 02/13/05 -- 16:27:16

hey dudes, havent been able to listen to your music for a while but jst wanted to say u still rock.keep it going.

Sarah <> -- 02/11/05 -- 14:04:46

I just moved and was going through boxes from college and found one of your first cd's. I remember you guy. The last time I saw you guy s play live was in high school in the gym. I went to high school with you guys. I listened to it again last night and it still is a great cd. Never stop Rockin. Keep the music alive a long time fan.

Gretchen <> -- 01/14/05 -- 15:25:28

Big fan of the band - especially the de Sousa!!! I've been a fan since my college days at SMC where my roomie, Maura, and I were first introduced to the Sky Blues sound! I still think your cover of "Give a little bit" is the greatest song of all times. If you ever make it to Cleveland, I'd love to see the show!

vanessa <> -- 10/29/04 -- 18:44:02

Yeah, Sky Blues Rocks, I've been going in between thier new album and the new Andrea Bocelli album both which my friend gave me.

princess <> -- 8/03/04 -- 03:09:56


ramblinjam <> -- 8/02/04 -- 14:10:15

Great the original sound! Anyone gonna go out to Syracuse and see the Allman Brothers perform later this month? They also combine so many different genres and sound to keep their music fresh. Rock on.

james <> -- 7/08/04 -- 10:06:47

hey shout out to the kickass drum man well hope you guys come back to atl and rock out sometime next year and i'll be sure to bring all my freinds to jam with ya and sorry but i wasn't able to record some beats for ya but give me a call sometime and you can hear some - peace mAN

Robert Watts <> -- 6/21/04 -- 07:36:29

I have original T.Rex Fan Club Photos from 1972, For Sale. Please contact me pref' by Telephone: Tel:07881464682 'YEAH'!!

sam <> -- 11/12/03 -- 12:35:57

are there any more gigs? we missed the first one and would love to see you play again.

Webmaster's reply: There are no more shows scheduled at this time, but if you join the band's mailing list, you'll definitely be kept in the loop.

oceane <> -- 10/19/03 -- 11:59:11

je voudrais savoir comment dialogue avec des mecs

Kisha Williams <Chocalate Drop 12002> -- 10/02/03 -- 11:34:59

I really love your music

jac <> -- 6/16/03 -- 12:03:42

seems ok

reptara <> -- 5/28/03 -- 19:08:50

just wondered the song by this band another day anothr dollar would any one be able to tell me if theres two lines in it one "another day another dollar another debt collecting caller " and "twenty six im flat broke ive been down so long ive given up hope" if anyone knows pretty pretty please will you mail me at tar dolls =)

Allan <> -- 5/23/03 -- 16:51:48

Lovedthe music. Had a great time. Hope there will be more to come

JC <> -- 5/22/03 -- 15:23:10

What can I say...there are few words to articulate just how much fun that night was. It was great to see you all jamming again...each of you brought intense energy that the entire audience could feel. Of course I have to give a special shout out to those wild Rubin bros who truly created magic...your rythmic flow was mesmerizing! Much soul my brotha's...can't wait until the next reunion!!

Robin Rose <> -- 5/21/03 -- 15:58:15

Hi Cliff, I just listened to the track - it was great - sorry I missed the Reunion. Robin Rose from NYCA

Mike <> -- 5/21/03 -- 07:04:44

Well after seeing all the photos from the gig. It's clear that you kicked som A**!!As I told you guy’s before aint nothin' like two good lookin' guys (brothers in this case ;) to make a nice rock n' roll front. So Stanley/Simmons, Jagger/Richards look out. wooooahhhhh!!! Keep rockin' /Mike Check out our new video on

Julia <> -- 5/18/03 -- 13:10:43

Hi guys! I'm from Russia and my english very bad. My congratulation! And we wait your band in Russia! Hi Jon! Photos from reunion concert are very good!

eric m <> -- 5/15/03 -- 11:20:03

hey guys- I had an awesome time and just wanted to thank you for putting on one hell of a show that night. the club was pretty hot and the band was rocked from start to finish. great to see you guys having so much fun after such a long time away. Thanks again and hope to see you again soon!!!

andrew  <> -- 5/12/03 -- 10:45:52

great show!! don't wait another 5 years... it was a great night.

Stephanie Widmer <XxShaDYzLaDiiExX> -- 5/11/03 -- 13:05:41

Heyy Greg!! iTs PaTs DaUgHtEr! My MoM WeNt 2 C u LaSt NiGhT..JuSt WaNtEd 2 SaY i tHiNk iTs ReALLy Co0L uR iN a BaNd!! i NeVeR KnEw ThAt!! haha..My mOm SaiD u GuYz WeRe OUTSTANDING!! SeE u SoMeDaY s0on hehe..BYE!!! -StePhAniEe

Tommy M <> -- 5/07/03 -- 09:26:54

Got a chance to see the band during rehearsals last night and want everyone to know that Sky Blues ROCKS and will not disappoint on the 10th. The band is completely in sync musically and the pure enjoyment they exuded while playing the set told me that their hearts and souls are completely into making this show one not to be forgotten. THanks for letting me enjoy the set guys. It sounds great and I know the fans will be shouting for more at the Den Saturday.

ALZ <> -- 5/03/03 -- 02:17:52

Hey, I can see you've been busy as bees! Your website is greatly enhanced in lots of ways too!! Of course I'll be there and I will be d/ling your new soon as it's up. Al

Mike S. <> -- 5/02/03 -- 11:08:03

guys, the new song is awesome! keep up the great work and we'll see you on the 10th...

Fred Sampleson <> -- 4/18/03 -- 11:17:16

I would love to have sex with the band e-mail me

Mike <> -- 4/02/03 -- 15:42:03

Rock n' Roll!!!!!!!!!!!! It's finally time for the hardest working band in NYC since KISS, to hit the stage again. The resemblance is striking. KISS has Paul and Gene, Sky Blues has Jon and Cliff. That's gotta be good :). I wish you all the best, hope you knock everybody of their feet. Sorry I can't be there, but it's just to damn far. Take care /Mike "the Swede" -Hard driven r n'r from Malmo, Sweden-

Floppy from Strawman <> -- 3/28/03 -- 17:26:05

The site looks great. Sorry that I won't be able to make it up to NYC on the 10th - we also have a show that night. Have a cold one for me. Cheers, Floppy STRAWMAN

jimbo <> -- 3/26/03 -- 21:15:13

the reunion is gonna be sick!! can't wait guys

Mike A <> -- 3/26/03 -- 16:42:42

This is great! We will try to make it up there for the show. If you want to hear what a Jon disciple sounds like, check out my band at

Margaret <> -- 3/26/03 -- 12:34:39

Three words: I like eggs.

Roman Kupchinsky <> -- 3/17/03 -- 17:26:43

Allison-Too late! I beat you to the hot wild monkey sex with Greg. Now if I could only get my Bannana back to normal I'd be ok.

childstar <> -- 3/10/03 -- 23:03:42

please play child star...what a rocker........

Allison <Hot> -- 3/10/03 -- 16:12:04

I want to have wild monkey sex with lil' Greggy while he's wearing his fireman suit.

Albert <> -- 3/07/03 -- 15:41:12

Nice website! I like what you did to the logo with the moving clouds. I guess this is the time for a lot of band reunions -- I heard Fleetwood Mac is back too. --Albert

w.axl <> -- 3/06/03 -- 12:48:40

It's about time!! So glad you guys decided to do it. I'm counitng down the days.....

Jenn <> -- 3/06/03 -- 12:48:39

I want to have Greg's baby!!!

David Caruso <> -- 3/06/03 -- 12:25:05

Congrats man.... i love your music. I always knew since college you guys would make it. I still have your CD and I use it all the time when I need that extra burst of enthusiasm or to help me in my thought process. I'll definitely be at your show when you come to ny and I'm gonna bring our boys Matt Anchin, Sebby G and probably Simon who I've been seeing a lot lately. I still have the t-shirt from college! Anyway.... thanks for inspiring me through your musical beauty. Much love - Stick

Mike <> -- 2/18/03 -- 12:54:17

I am psyched to hear the band is playing again...where is the NYC show going to be and does anyone know if I need tickets in advance??

Tom Phillips <> -- 11/04/02 -- 15:58:01

No it's not, get a life - this is about ROCK'N'ROLL!!!

George Stone <> -- 11/04/02 -- 11:20:02

This is the Ipswich town maiger isn't it?

George Stone <> -- 11/04/02 -- 11:17:36

hello, I go to every Ipswich home game.I havre been going for several years and i am still young.If you want to do well in div.1 you have to play the players where they play the best. eg. Clapam is not doing well at all,so take him off.To replace him you should put another striker in so we can score more goals and work are way up the table,or put in a midfielder in.(you are the maniger)Our goalkeeper is fine just help him on his kicks.Another thing the town players need to close down the opponent alot quicker.The defense is awfel at the moment,please sort it out.You should bring in some more younger players in likeyou did with Darren Bent. All my family support Ipswich so please improve.One last thing,Finidi George is brilliant so bring him in somewhere. Please write back. George.

Rich T <> -- 10/18/02 -- 18:19:57

If I can recall, I think i saw one of the band members hand a CD of yours to Eric Singer at the 1995 Kiss Konvention in NYC at Roseland 7/30/95..Cool to see another NYC band into KISS..We play there all the time..let's hook up and do some shows soon. Cheers! Rich

jligo <> -- 10/06/02 -- 16:27:57

Sorry wrong web site!!!

jeffrey ligo <> -- 10/06/02 -- 16:25:59

I am trying to fid out Colin Bell's email address. Can anyone help

anonymous <> -- 10/02/02 -- 17:20:15

Is it true??? Is there going to be a Sky Blues reunion concert. Just tell me when and where and I am there!!

Sandy Shore <> -- 9/13/02 -- 16:56:39

well even though they broke up in 97 or 98 (can't remember which) I heard they're playing again but I don't know when or where...anybody hear anything?

Westchester Rocks <> -- 7/04/02 -- 05:33:05

Have you checked out Westchester Rocks yet? It's a local site showcasing the rock bands from westchester county, ny & the bronx. Sky Blues was one of the first bands to join Westchester Rocks. Thank you so much for your support. Stop by the site, & check out Sky Blues, or check out the other bands, pics, gigs, news, etc... Join the mailing list, or sign the guest book. Support our local scene ! Lauren -web mistress- Westchester Rocks

Shelly <> -- 3/18/02 -- 13:37:05

hey everyone, did I hear they're getting back together?? any info?

Anonymous <> -- 1/07/02 -- 17:36:16

when are you guys getting back togetheR!!1

hydroloyd <> -- 4/16/01 -- 06:40:42

Ok,help. Where is Mace Sanders? and Aftermath?! I know you guys know. If you do, have him email immed!

Bartlett Owens <> -- 9/11/00 -- 11:03:20

This band KICKS FU%&KIN ASS!!!! From the rippin guitars to the sick vocals, I love evry one of the songs...sounds like Zep but much heavier and modern. When are they coming to Denver!?"!?!?

Russell Watson -- 4/11/00 -- 11:37:00

Are you aware that you are named after England's foremost football team? Is this intentional? Rock on baby!! New fan.

Adam Dimmett <> -- 9/24/99 -- 11:37:00

For Abby X...both bands are pretty different yet still really similar, so I dunno who's better. OMEGA definitely rocks harder though

Abby_X <> -- 7/19/99 -- 16:17:07

So tell me people, who's better - SKY BLUES or OMEGA BABY? I have both tapes but never seen either band in concert. I heard they're pretty cool to their fans, but since I live out in the sticks of Iowa, I've never seen 'em or met them. Someone please respond?

Anonymous <anon> -- 4/24/99 -- 11:17:57

dennistuart colinbell joeroyle joecorrigan davewatson williedonaque rodneymarsh does anyone KNOW?

Anonymous -- 4/23/99 -- 8:27:57

Try, they have it, you can link there from the Sky Blues site, peace.

Carrie Anne <> -- 2/5/99 -- 03:11:57

I can't find your second cd anywhere, is it available in stores still? I'm from Idaho and have never seen you guys live, and want to find this cd somewehere. Please help

Steve Detofsky <> -- 1/27/99 -- 06:25:51

Fantastic web page! Fantastic music! Keep it roarin' hot!

Anonymous <xxxxx> -- 9/3/98 -- 10:15:30

We love the sky blues! Football team

Anonymous <anon> -- 7/22/98 -- 05:55:20

Hey dudes, lets rock to the funky sounds of Gordon Strachan and his sky blue boys.

rockdog5 <> -- 7/19/98 -- 11:25:50

holy shit guys, the new OMEGA BABY stuff is killer. Everybody should check it out, just go to the link from the front of this site. Unbelievable guitar solos, and kick ass new voice. Where did you find this dude???????

Anonymous <anon> -- 7/13/98 -- 15:45:36

Hi Jon and Cliff I'll drive the van to all your shows, full of your equipment, if you put an 8 track player in it. From "you know who" - the number is still the same.

Ed Gunderman <> -- 7/10/98 -- 11:45:06

yo dude, that's a bummer about the singer going. I know there's more to come from you guys, so keep the faith, keep rockin on!

Anonymous <anon> -- 06/05/98 -- 01:35:36

Hey guys! Heard there's a big announcement on its way. Can't wait! You rock...keep it up. DYING to hear the new stuff.

Jeff Koch <> -- 05/19/98 -- 1520:31

when are you guys getting out to Ohio State again? we're dying for some real music, so get yer asses out here and rock it up boyz!!

Mike Rosen <> -- 04/16/98 -- 15:20:31

hey fellas, keep rocking.....In Time has to be favorite Cd of the year!!! It NEVER leaves my player. Keep it up!!

Skyrocket <> -- 04/06/98 -- 06:10:51

Hey All, Great website and Great Music. I hope to see you all again soon!

Anonymous <.....> -- 03/24/98 -- 02:10:58

i like to be sick, can you help me? Jackie? Maybe? Maybe? I'm afraid of my own shadow. Access, Maxcess, lackcess, waxcess, sackcess, backcess, crackcess, trackcess, snackcess, nackcess, wackcess, mackcess, APACcess, stackcess, rackcess, Mahopaccess

Billyboy <> -- 03/24/98 -- 07:15:21

Hey guys, in case you didn't know, the T. Rex tribute you are on just got re-released - I saw it at the Virgin Megastore in NYC. I;ve heard your track on the web before but the whole disc is cool. Congtrats! People check it out.

Random Domer <> -- 01/23/98 -- 18:13:40

An ode to Greg de Sousa: I miss ya little buddy. From the ragging on "Push Down And Turn" (one quote..."Freebird!") to watchin you tear Senior Bar down... hope all is well. Continued success my man and let me know when you come 'round Chicago way! later bro