Sky Blues, Rock'n'Roll from New York City
Save the Date - May 10, 2003
Sky Blues, Rock'n'Roll from New York City
Sky Blues, Rock'n'Roll from New York City
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"Named one of the year's best unsigned bands in MUSICIAN and SCREAMER magazines and profiled on MTV for a up-and-coming band profile, SKY BLUES puts out their own CDs and tours stages and colleges in support of them. Listen to the heavy intensity and energy they give to their T.Rex interpretation of this gem that originally appeared on the lp THE SLIDER." - Old School Records

"Sky Blues kicks off this superb tribute CD with a thumping version of Chariot Choogle. Solid guitar work with a sound that would please the most diehard Marc Bolan fan, which is true for most of the 20 tracks on this disc." - The Groover, UK T. Rex Magazine
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RESURRECTION OF THE WARLOCK: A Tribute to Marc Bolan & T. Rex

1. Chariot Choogle - Sky Blues
2. The Slider - The Smithereens
3. Raw Ramp - Dramarama
4. Buick Mackane - Country Honey
5. Light of Love - The Molotov Combo
6. Born to Boogie - Sabrejets
7. Ride a White Swan - Stormclouds
8. Cosmic Dancer - The Now
9. Ballrooms of Mars - Cruxshadows
10. Get It on (Bang a Gong) - Friendly Ghosts
11. Planet Queen/Rip Off - Illuminati
12. 20th Century Boy - Three Johns
13. The Groover - Shrunken Heads
14. Jupiter Liar - Futuristic Dragon
15. Once upon the Seas of Abyssinia - Staggering Prophets
16. Catblack (The Wizard's Hat) - Cosa Nostra
17. Jeepster - Alone on the Red
18. Telegram Sam - Jump the Gun
19. Metal Guru - Three Humans
20. King of the Mountain Cometh - Goo

dedicated to Marc Bolan 1947-1977
produced and compiled by Old School Records
released by NMG/Pavement Records, 1998
total running time 75:48
with liner notes by T. Rex producer Tony Visconti
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a portion of the tribute record's proceeds are being donated to charity

Sky Blues CDs available: IN TIME | EXTENDED PLAY

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Marc Bolan
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